About Us

Lyric Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Its products are full of variety and large scale. The workshop is clean and spacious and the environment is beautiful, and the factory site covers an area of 120000 square. Our company has advanced management concept and unique business model, and it has a lot of skilled and experienced staff in the instrument manufacturing industry.

We put the artisan spirit as a corporate culture to enterprise management, so that employees understand the ingenuity is an idea, a concept, a spirit, a kind of belief, need a kind of perseverance and will gradually improve. It is not only a kind of ideological quality, but also a personality quality, but also the wisdom and practice and crystallization. Our staff not only have the technical level of making the high-grade guitar, but also have the artistic level of image thinking.

Our product has mature technology, reliable quality, perfect production process, quality control system and sales service system. We adhering to the "customer service, scaled new heights" business philosophy, adhere to the "honest and trustworthy" principle, to provide our clients with quality services.


Pre-sale Consultation

Enthusiasm to answer all your questions.

Strict Quality Inspection

Made in accordance with international standards.

Scientific Packaging

Avoid product crashing in transit.

Rapid Shipment

As soon as possible to receive your favorite guitars.

After-sale Support

Received damaged products can be returned.

Advanced Customization

Personal customizing to meet your needs.

Hot Products


Classical Guitar

Classical guitar does not mean that it can only play classical music, different styles of music can play classical guitar.


Folk pop Guitar

Folk guitar is usually the accompaniment of songs, with rural music in the west of the United States as the main theme.


Electric Guitar

Electric guitar has a very important position in modern music for a strong expression, and is mostly used for song accompaniment.


Ukulele Guitar

Ukulele guitar is a four-string plectrum instrument, and it can be ensemble, ensemble, solo, performance tricks are numerous.