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Kamilika is dedicated to stopping female genital mutilation one village at a time. Through education, many villages are changing their minds about early marriage, educating girls and FGM. However, there are still many villages that refuse to change age old practices. Once a girl is cut, she must marry and her education stops.  When they can, some girls run away to continue their education and to avoid circumcision and early marriage.

Flora Isaya

Frida Alex

Happy Naftali

Joyce Saitabau

Naito Nagoto

Theresia Losotu

Ndini Itoine

Click on a girl's picture to read her story and to learn how to sponsor her education. There are 20 more girls at Noonkodin in need of sponsorship.

Kamilika is collaborating with the Noonkodin High School to provide a safe house where girls can finish their education and live healthy lives. Everyone of the girls wants to get an education and return to her village to help other girls. Many have younger sisters at risk. Noonkodin High School in Eluwai, Northern Tanzania was built by Gemma Burford and her Maasai husband, Lesikar Enolengila. It was started in 2004. Altogether it has 196 students in Forms 1-4 (academic equivalent of grades 7-10 in the US system).  Before Noonkodin was built, most of the students  had to walk five hours to get a high school education.  Already, 24 students have graduated.  Many have gone on to further education or employment. In December 2006, the first girls fleeing FGM arrived at Noonkodin. Now, there 27 girls who have fled FGM and early marriage. These days, funds are very low. All of these girls need sponsors to remain at the safe house and to continue their education. The girls have been unbelievably brave and have survived so much to get to Noonkodin High School. Without your help, they will have to return to their villages. Please don’t let that happen! Please sponsor a girl!

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Make change happen one girl at a time

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